At Lykosec, we're not content with staying on the surface. Automated scanning is just the beginning of the in-depth technical security assessments performed by our highly skilled team of Security Engineers. Penetration Testing services we offer include:

  • Web Applications

  • Networks

  • Mobile Applications

  • Code Review

  • Binary Applications

Threat Simulation

Real-world threat actors don't just attack from one direction. Our Advanced Threat Simulation service is the most realistic possible approach to assessing your security posture. Starting from scratch, we'll dig deep and utilize all the tools and skills at our disposal to find and exploit the holes leaving your organization vulnerable; exactly the way skilled malicious hackers do everyday.



Social Engineering accounts for the vast majority of real-world breaches. Our team has particular expertise in attacking the human element of your organization to help you better understand this constant threat. We are skilled in all forms of Social Engineering including:

  • Email Phishing

  • Voice Phishing

  • In-person Social Engineering

  • Physical Security Assessments

Policy and Procedure


Our unique Policy and Procedure Assessment examines your company's security posture at the organizational level. Security Engineers will review your operational and IT procedures to identify the weak links that no automated scanner could ever find; but that malicious hackers exploit.

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